Live stream your sporting event.

There used to be 2 ways to watch a sporting event live; physically be there or watch it on national television. Times have changed.

A decade or so ago you couldn’t even imagine watching a local sporting event live on TV. However, technology has come a long way and in the age of streaming video it is not only fairly easy to do, but it also doesn’t break the bank to produce high-quality content.

The cost of delivering content online is no longer as prohibitive as it once was. As the number of local sports organisations have turned to mobile device streaming to offer remote fans an opportunity to tune in live, without the astronomical costs of getting a TV production crew to produce the event. Live streaming local sports promotes upcoming events and creates an archive of on-demand video for fans and players to relive all the action.

Single or multicam options.

For a lot of sports where the action takes place on a field, court, or other small area of play, you can capture all the action with a single camera. These sports would include: tennis, football, athletics, climbing, snooker, swimming, weightlifting, diving, gymnastics, netball, hockey, cricket, badminton, squash, rugby, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, volleyball, table tennis, darts, american football, dodge ball and so on. However, using our multi camera service we can create the look and feel of a high end production with live switching, on screen graphics and even commentary.

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