By providing a live video stream of the service, there’s comfort in the knowledge that those unable to attend can watch and still have the opportunity to say goodbye and that the memories are never lost.

Who We Are & What We Do​


Family Business

We’re here with the aim to make these difficult situations easier. We do our best to get everything set up in a swift and timely manner, hopefully taking some of the stress off of your shoulders. Our friendly and professional team will make sure everything is taken care of and handled sensitively. We’re here so no matter the circumstance, friends and family can still experience the service and say goodbye, no matter where they are in the world.


Industry Experts

After over 15 years in the live streaming industry, broadcasting sporting events on both our own platform and for clients such as BBC Sport and World Athletics, we have selected the most reliable equipment to ensure we can confidently stream from any location you’d like. Currently covering an average of 10 funerals a week all over the UK, and with each member of our team with years of experience in the world of live streaming – you are in safe hands with us.



The streamed service is private and only available to the individuals that you choose to share the webcast link with. We can also add password protection if you wish at no additional cost. The stream is easy to access by simply just clicking a link. No logins or downloads needed. Indefinite playback is also provided as standard, should friends and family not be able to watch live, or if you prefer to watch parts back at a later date with no time restriction.

Services We Offer

Stream it Yourself

A simple, secure solution to stream a funeral without needing to use social media
£ 100
  • Testing with a member of our team
  • Stream from as many locations as you want
  • Control over your content
  • No limit on how many people can watch
  • Private viewing link on our dedicated site with optional password protection
  • Access to replay the livestream indefinitely on any smart device
  • Licensed so any music picked up by the stream will not be in breach of copyright laws
  • Downloadable copies will be available following the service

Single Location

Do you only need a stream from one location on the day? Then this is the package for you.
FROM £ 620
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Multiple Locations

This is the package for you should you want us to broadcast from more than one place.
FROM £ 835
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Need a live stream package that is tailored to you? Don't be afraid to get in touch.
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