Professional Funeral Livestreaming

The pandemic has changed a lot. Venue limits, self isolating, national lockdowns and social distancing has lead us to adapt. Having a funeral service live streamed allows you to still provide those who cannot attend the next best alternative.

We have designed our service in such a way to create a realistic viewing experience and not just simply putting a webcam at the back of the room.

We use professional grade equipment to try give the viewer the feeling they are there in attendance. Our discreet and unobtrusive approach allows us to capture all the details and thought that goes into giving your loved one the send off they deserve, unhampered by conditions out of your control.

Our service is tailored to you. Just get in touch and talk your requirements through with a member of our friendly team to get everything arranged today.

Find the package that is right for you

The world of live streaming and webcasting is constantly changing. Talk to one of our friendly team to help you find a package which suits you,

Stream It Yourself

Our platform, our support, your content.


Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can stream everything yourself. Giving you total control over who and what is streamed.

You will have all the benefits of our professional package, with a bespoke webpage tailored to you and a tribute function for your viewers.

Once the stream has finished a copy will saved both to our video player and to your device, meaning you can watch the service back at your convenience.

With our guidance and support we will have everything set up for you the same day. Meaning you can test as much as you like long beforehand.


Have our professional team handle everything from start to finish.

Starting £595

We can stream from the home, church, crematorium or graveside. Get in touch to discuss options.

We create a bespoke page hosted privately on our website. The service will never be shared without your permission.

All of our specialist equipment is completely designed for livestreaming and ensuring quality is not compromised. 

A combination of multiple microphones and 4K cameras mean we can reliably stream in high quality.

There is no limit on how many can view. However, if you prefer we can add an additional password for privacy.

All of our streams can be reached from the far flung corners of the world. So no matter where your friends and relatives are based, they can tune in live or watch the on-demand copy at their convenience.

The video is yours to keep forever.

Let’s do this together

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