About us.

Family Business

Founded by two brothers, Ben and Matthew, family is at the core of our business. For over a decade we have been at the forefront of live-streaming in the sporting world supplying the likes of BBC Sport and British Athletics. At the beginning of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic took its hold on the industry, we saw the benefits we could bring to events of all shapes and sizes. Bringing our know-how and professional grade equipment with us, business boomed and The Livestreaming Company rapidly expanded, with team members dotted all over the United Kingdom.

A Team We’re Proud Of

Our team of camera technicians and live stream techies know their stuff. Exclusively serving the livestreaming industry Ryan, Stephen, Ashleigh, Ed H, Ed J, Jess and Dan are always on hand to help ensure each stream runs smoothly. They’re a stellar team and we’re proud to call them ours.

Going Above and Beyond for You

We don’t want to baffle you with techie jargon or swamp you with extra admin, so with us you’ll get a straight-talking, simple service where everything is set up quickly and efficiently.

High quality results with excellent customer service is what we pride ourselves upon. We see each live stream as a chance to create something you can keep forever.